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What is Tech24/7?

An immediate tech support service to assist you any time day or night whether over the phone or internet to set up new computers, tablets, home entertainment systems, Smart Phone Connectivity, the list goes on! Tech 24/7 also offers Best-in-class protection software to monitor and block malicious threats, ensure privacy on Wi-Fi networks, securing online banking and much more. By not having these services puts all of your personal information and data at risk. The best part is, for most problems, you don’t even have to touch the keyboard as the technicians are diagnosing and fixing your issues. With a network of 14,000+ qualified. Insured technicians, you can have peace of mind that your computer problems will be solved.

Tech24/7 Features

  • Computer & Tablet Maintenance
  • Operating System Repair
  • Software Installation
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Performance Diagnostics
  • & More!
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