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A Health Care Alternative That Makes Sense

5LINX enhancedcareMD? Smarter Choices offers comprehensive, alternative health care solutions for your company. Offer your employees a health care alternative service 24/7 direct access to registered nurses and doctors for quality health care. 5LINX enhancedcareMD Commercial provides fast and inexpensive access to quality, certified Registered Nurses and Physicians who can diagnose illnesses, recommend treatments, and even prescribe medications over the phone.

The program also includes an exclusive Walmart prescription drug savings plan, reducing the cost of prescriptions above and beyond your company-sponsored drug plan.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase Attendance. Employees can address minor medical issues without taking time off work
  • Improve Retention. Membership boosts employee recruitment, retention and overall satisfaction
  • Immediate Access. Delivers employees immediate access to a network of RNs and physicians available 24/7/365
  • Reduce Premiums. Accelerate conversions to High Deducible insurance, reducing premiums by 30%

5LINX enhancedcareMD? Smarter Choices is not a health insurance program—it’s an alternative health care solution designed to reduce employer costs and increase employee savings. There are no hidden costs or gimmicks, just smart and easy-to-understand health care options for your employees.

*Available in U.S. only.

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