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What is 5LINX Payroll?

5LINX Payroll is the perfect solution for every business as it is an essential piece to running a business efficiently. One of the most time consuming and expensive endeavors a merchant engages in is figuring out their employee payroll.

Whether or not they are currently using a payroll service chances are they are missing something or being over charged. 5LINX offers a full service alternative for small-medium sized businesses looking to spend less on their payroll and benefit management needs for themselves and their employees.

Features & Benefits

  • Online/CLOUD-based
  • Tax & Compliance Services
  • Full Service Direct Deposit
  • Tax Payments
  • Paperless Payroll Options
  • Time Off Accrual & Reporting
  • Pay-as-you-go Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Plus many more benefits for your business


Products & Services