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Millions of ways to save all in one place

The Platinum Discount Network offers members the easiest way to find discounts all in one place on the things they purchase every day.


FIVE STAR PASS offers member-only access to millions of ways to save at popular restaurants, retailer, hotels, theme parks and much more. This is the most comprehensive savings program available with current average member savings of more than $1,500 per year. Whether you’re at home or on the go, members have access to their own password protected savings portal that makes saving money easy.

Features & Benefits

  • Save virtually anywhere on-the-go with the FIVE STAR PASS on your smartphone
  • Optional GPS tracking will send you local deals close by
  • Members enjoy exclusive discounts at over 350,000 locations across the US and Canada
  • Up to 50% discounts from America’s top brands and local stores
  • Easily reduce your weekly grocery bill with the FIVE STAR PASS coupon tool
  • Save money on family fun with exclusive discounts on popular restaurants, retailers, movies, theme parks and more
  • Take advantage of featured travel deals on hotels, cruises, car rentals and resorts
  • Additional savings on automotive, home & garden, dry cleaning and personal services

How it Works

By simply becoming a member of the Platinum Discount Network, you’ll have exclusive access to an online savings portal at home and on your smartphone. As a member, you can take advantage of over 350,000 deals from America’s top brands and local retailers. Print out the savings coupons, buy online, or pull up the exclusive deal from the app and watch your weekly savings grow.

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The Platinum Discount Network also offers members a free credit consultation from leading credit evaluation and restoration company, TheCreditPros. A recent study shows that 79% of Americans have major errors on their credit reports that can significantly lower your credit rating and limit your ability to obtain loans. You could also be paying higher interest rates on the loans you are able to qualify for. This comprehensive service will evaluate your current credit status, discover problems and develop solutions to restore you credit.

Financial Services

Shop and Compare Mortgage Rates with No Hassle Mortgage Services from Platinum Discount Network.

  • Choose from a select group of Preferred Lenders
  • Competitive Rates on Home Purchase and Home Refinancing
  • Loan available across the in United States including Puerto Rico
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representatives for members
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