Financial Freedom

It is now possible to launch your own business quickly and easily by marketing a portfolio of services dedicated to help people live better lives.

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MontaVida™ isn’t just another cup of coffee. It’s a brewed beverage infused with ingredients proven to have positive nutritious effects, like MCT oil, which has been integrated successfully in weight-loss programs.

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Residential Energy Program

With a focus on deregulation, the Residential Energy Program can help you understand competitive offers and choose a competitive supply offer...

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Now there is a fast, affordable and easy way to stay in contact with your customers. TextAlertz is a powerful new way to increase sales...

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First, if you came to this page to learn more about getting a price analysis on one or more of our products for home or business, simply click the Products Tab above to see a full list of products and services available. Don't let the variety fool you...we are fully committed to and invested in each service and I am confident we can provide solutions AND increase your bottom line! Click the "Buy Now" or "Sign-Up Now" button on the product pages that you want to review to find out more detail. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions -- I am very happy to assist.

If you are here by random surfing or you are looking for a way to have some "extra" income, I am proud to introduce you to what I believe is the greatest financial opportunity we will see in our lifetime! Peek at a quick video and decide to stay in-the-loop here.

Are you here after attending one of my webinars or an event where you "got the big picture" and you're ready to get started? [Reach out to me personally to see if I still have any free license coupons - I only have/had a limited supply - you may be able to join FREE if you meet my stringent personal rules of desire!] Click the Opportunity tab on this page, then click the START YOUR BUSINESS button to get started now! Be sure to choose the Platinum or Gold TeeVee starter package (I'll explain why you get more money off the table doing so later!)

5LINX, LLC represents a unique opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. By offering a complete training and support system, 5LINX gives you the power to market a wide variety of outstanding services, and earn a residual income stream that can grow month after month, year after year. If you already have a great lifestyle, it's the right time to "BUILD YOUR LEGACY"! Jon can even show you how to do this successfully while you continue going to school and/or working your current job!

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